Friday, 8th March

Friday, 8th March 2019

‘Heaven in Ordinary’ Poetry and Organ recital by Dr Hannah Stone and Dr Christopher Newton

Poetry and the sounds of Leeds Minster’s celebrated organ combine in a variation to the regular Friday lunchtime recital programme. Entry by donation, sandwich lunch also available.

Leeds Lit Fest Light Lunch with James Nash and Harper Collins psychological thriller writer, June Taylor

Writer James Nash chats to Harper Collins psychological thriller writer, June Taylor about her latest novel, Keep Your Friends Close, and her writing career. Bring your sandwiches and enjoy some author chat in your lunch hour.

This event is Pay What You Feel and has been made possible through support by Leeds Inspired and The Leeds Library. Please register for a ticket to avoid disappointment


Large in size, and keen in nature, Zog is so eager to win a golden star at Madam Dragon’s school, where dragons learn all the things that dragons need to know. Zog tries so very hard, perhaps too hard, and he bumps, burns and roars his way through years one, two and three.

Luckily, the plucky Princess Pearl patches him up ready to face his biggest challenge yet…a duel with knight, Sir Gadabout the Great!

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s much-loved Zog comes to life in Mike Shepherd’s (founder and Artistic Director of Kneehigh) magical adaptation with Johnny Flynn’s (award-winning actor and singer-songwriter with The Sussex Wit) sumptuous folk score featuring live musicians. Katie Sykes’ design lifts the book from the page and creates a real and fantastical world. From the team behind Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales and Tabby McTat, Zog promises to be roaring fun for all ages.

Zog © 2010 Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Published by Alison Green Books, an imprint of Scholastic Children’s Books

Rush Hour Words with writer Rose George

So take time out of your busy day! Come along and let Rose George take you on her latest fantastic voyage with her new book Nine Pints: A Journey Through the Mysterious, Miraculous World of Blood, from leeches and quackery through scandal and superstition to breakthroughs and brilliance in this absorbing investigation of blood.
This event is Pay What You Feel and has been made possible through support by Leeds Inspired and The Leeds Library. Please register for a ticket to avoid disappointment

Sheltering Under the Owl’s Wings: Welcoming Others to Leeds

Leeds’ own tradition in poetry and literature was augmented by its new communities, a continuing process reflected in several recent anthologies such as ‘Remembering Oluwale’, ‘Any Change? Poetry in a Hostile Environment’ and ‘The Trojan Donkey’. Contributors to these range from all over the world, from well-known poets to refugees, and a number will read at this special event, with copies of the anthologies on sale afterwards. Performances from Teresa O’Driscoll, Chérie Taylor Baptiste, Ian Duhig, Halima France-Mir, Sai Murray, Ian Harker and others, including LBU Creative Writing students. Hosted by Dr Emily Zobel Marshall.

Cabaret Thirty – original poetry and song from performers under thirty

Each show is unique, guided by your choices… illuminating the original epic and asking why, after all these years, we still need stories to help us face our fears.

Myth Off – Takeover Launch Event

Adverse Camber productions in association with Carriageworks Theatre present

Leeds Storytelling Takeover

A wild night of competing mythologies with one MC, two teams, heaps of myths, and YOU vote for the winner.

Invented by Clare Murphy, the Myth Off has played in London, Stockholm, Oslo, Budapest and California. It is a raucous night of three themed rounds of mythologies, where legendary storytellers pit their stories against each other and the audience votes on the winner. Previous themes include Monsters You Wouldn’t Take Home, Born to Lose, and Wayward Warriors. Come and raise a glass to your modern day myth-tellers, cheer them on, and help them win the golden horn of plenty.

Sisterhood Presents

On International Women’s Day, Sisterhood celebrates women’s songwriting and performing with a lustrous evening of music. They will be handing over the stage to other women performers who might not easily get the opportunity and Sisterhood will be topping off the night with their own special performance. This is a unique musical experience. Think the spice girls, but in an alt-Folk/Pop styley!
All unique, All women, All united! #UpriseWithUs

Beowulf by Seth Kriebel

A unique and interactive performance of the epic Beowulf. Before we begin, I should warn you: This story ends with a dragon. But every story ends with a dragon. If you make it to ‘Happily Ever After’ and there isn’t a dragon nearby… the story isn’t over yet. Seth Kriebel’s Beowulf is an interactive performance-game inviting you to explore the world of a legendary story from our ancient past… without leaving your seat. An evocative soundscape accompanies your journey through strange lands, discovering forgotten monsters and bringing a Viking hero’s tale back to life 1,000 years after his adventures. Each show is unique, guided by your choices, illuminating the original epic and asking why, after all these years, we still tell each other stories about monsters that lurk in the dark

The Leeds Library Ghostly Poetry Walk with Mark Pajak

The Leeds Library, one of the most haunted buildings in Yorkshire, invites you to discover the supernatural side of Leeds with stories paired with chilling poetry courtesy of your host for the evening, award winning poet Mark Pajak. The tour of landmarks of historic Leeds and their macabre folklore and history will be matched by poetry bringing the history of Leeds from years gone by to life.
The walk will take place each night from Wed 6 March to Sat 9 March, doors open 8.30pm for a prompt 9.00pm start until 10.30pm.
Dress warmly and bring a torch.

The tour will begin at the Library (on Commercial St NOT Central Library), the home of Thomas Sternberg its resident spirit, a previous Librarian of the Library in the late 19th century.

The walk will take place regardless of the weather.

Don’t miss one of the highlights of the Leeds Lit Festival.

Tony Harrison’s V.

A rare performance of V. by actor Jonny Magnanti followed by a panel discussion and Q&A

As part of Leeds Lit Fest 2019

Jonny Magnanti, a Leeds born actor, interprets Tony Harrison’s still controversial poem,‘V’, drawing us into the municipal graveyard, daubed with swastikas and profanity and littered with discarded cans of Harp larger. In this production, supported by soundscapes from the period, with echoes of the miners strike, the IRA, conflict on our streets and a lack of hope for the working class skinhead at the centre of the internal dialogue, both Tony and Jonny, confronting the issue of displacement and alienation from one’s class and family roots. This is a powerful and moving performance which rides well above the swell of ‘shock’ horror at the use of the ‘C’ word and brings us down to a simple story of who we are and what our individual legacies will be.

‘Mesmerizing and moving. Really powerful and thought provoking’

The show is 40 mins long and will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Chairing the panel is the Yorkshire Post’s culture correspondent Yvette Huddleston with performer Jonny Magnanti, author and journalist Anthony Clavane and Professor John Whale, University of Leeds Poetry Centre.