Leeds Lit Fest.

If you were unable to join us for our launch event on Monday 18th February Yvette Huddleston was in conversation with our  special guest, internationally acclaimed author David Peace you can catch it  on Chapel FM



Leeds Lit Fest will celebrate the vibrant and thriving literature scene that exists in Leeds with local writers, performers and artists showcasing their talents alongside those from across the UK and internationally. Using some of the most creative spaces in the city with a lineup that will see more than 60 events taking place over the 5 days of the Festival. There will be author talks, workshops, performance, poetry and spoken word events including a Storytelling Takeover at Carriageworks Theatre.



Leeds Lit Fest. 2019 Highlights

Leeds Savages: Live

Come along to the first ever Leeds Lit Fest and enjoy a spectacular showcase from The Leeds Savage Club – Leeds oldest (and best!) writing group! You’ll hear captivating tales, magical voices and wonderful poetry from a wide range of writers.

Readings may contain mature themes

Leeds Pub Theatre Monologue Moments

Leeds Pub Theatre presents Monologue Moments – Mettle or Metal, Courage or Steel, or Both. 10 moments in ten different lives. Ten local writers explore and respond to the theme ‘mettle’ in a world premiere of new five-minute monologues. Local actors and directors will bring you an evening of eclectic experiences. Expect comedy, surrealism, bathos, flights of fancy and mid-life escapism

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Tony Harrison’s V.

A rare performance of V. by actor Jonny Magnanti followed by a panel discussion and Q&A

As part of Leeds Lit Fest 2019

Jonny Magnanti, a Leeds born actor, interprets Tony Harrison’s still controversial poem,‘V’, drawing us into the municipal graveyard, daubed with swastikas and profanity and littered with discarded cans of Harp larger. In this production, supported by soundscapes from the period, with echoes of the miners strike, the IRA, conflict on our streets and a lack of hope for the working class skinhead at the centre of the internal dialogue, both Tony and Jonny, confronting the issue of displacement and alienation from one’s class and family roots. This is a powerful and moving performance which rides well above the swell of ‘shock’ horror at the use of the ‘C’ word and brings us down to a simple story of who we are and what our individual legacies will be.

‘Mesmerizing and moving. Really powerful and thought provoking’

The show is 40 mins long and will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Chairing the panel is the Yorkshire Post’s culture correspondent Yvette Huddleston with performer Jonny Magnanti, author and journalist Anthony Clavane and Professor John Whale, University of Leeds Poetry Centre.

Anthony Clavane in conversation with James Oddy. From Tragedy to Triumph – How Leeds (and Yorkshire) Lead the Way.

From Tragedy to Triumph – how Leeds (and Yorkshire) lead the way. After years in the wilderness Leeds United could be returning to the promised land.

Anthony Clavane, author of Promised Land and Moving the Goalposts, talks about this revival, with fellow writer James Oddy, and what it means for the city and Yorkshire.

Anthony has written three books including Promised Land which was about Leeds and was named  Football Book of the Year and Sports Book of the Year by the National Sporting Club – as well as Sports Book of the Year by The Radio 2 Book Club.

James Oddy was born in Leeds, and never left. He has written extensively about sport and culture for titles such as Prospect, The Yorkshire Post and Boxing Monthly. He is the author of True Professional, The Clive Sullivan story, A Guardian sports book of the year in 2017.

Ben Fogle: Tales from the Wildness

Thrilling tales from a modern day explorer. From crossing Antarctica to conquering Everest, Ben will take the audience on an inspiring adventure.

Join Ben in this uplifting and exciting show, when he’ll be sharing his stories of the wilderness. Ben has climbed Everest, been swimming with crocodiles, saved elephants, dodged pirates, been marooned for a year on an uninhabited island, walked to the South Pole, Crossed the Empty Quarter with camels, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, tracked the Migration of the Wilderbeest, swum from Alcatraz, had a flesh eating disease and messed around with ferrets!

The much-loved TV adventurer will recount, with warmth and honesty, his thrilling tales. If you like Ben’s TV shows then you’ll love this personal and intimate evening of stories from around the world. The show will include multi-media and an opportunity for Q&A’s.

The UN Patron of the Wilderness, Ben Fogle has travelled the world, has published 10 bestselling books & his TV shows are a global hit watched by millions around the world.


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